Sunday, September 16, 2012

Smells like fall

While fall is arriving, it’s getting darker earlier, the days start getting shorter and nights are getting colder, the leaves are slowly turning red and orange and the air is becoming clean and crisp. I can feel the smell of fall - it smells like ripe apples and fallen leaves. Want to surround myself with warmth and comfort. Want to wear clothes in warm tones, bake cinnamon cakes and light candles every evening...

… and what does fall mean to you? What are the smells, sounds and tastes of fall for you?

С приходом осени  темнеть начинает всё раньше, дни становятся короче, а ночи – холоднее,  деревья с каждым днём всё желтее, а воздух прозрачнее.  Пахнет осенью – пахнет созревшими яблоками и опавшими листьями. Хочется окружить себя теплом и уютом. Хочется носить одежду тёплых тонов, печь пироги с корицей и каждый вечер зажигать свечи.

…а что значит осень для тебя? Какие у неё запахи, звуки и какая она на вкус?

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  1. Fall for me is pumpkins, apple & cinnamon candles, falling leaves, warm blankets, crisp air in the morning and hot coffee. It's the coziest season for me!

  2. There is no real fall here in Israel, it gets cold only towards November, till then is still hot. But here this season is associated with Jewish holidays - Rosh Ha Shana, Yom Kipur and Sukkot.

  3. What a beautiful Moodboard!...

    My fall is crisp and clean air full of bitter smoke - leaves are burning somewhere... Stars with their sharp rays, appearing early in the cold blue sky. Dry leaves under my feet; moist earth; red berries on dog-rose bushes - there are no leaves, just these bright coral beads on bare branched.

    You could give a link to your Moodboard here - - I would be delighted.